Body Slimming & Contouring Treatments

Explore our unique body slimming and contouring services in Houston, where we combine our patented slimming massage techniques with advanced, non-invasive machine treatments. Through the use of our patented massage slimming to target fat, combined with a skin-firming body wrap and advanced procedures like ultrasound cavitation, laser lipo, Vacuum Therapy, Radio Frequency (RF), and Wood Therapy. These combined methods provide noticeable body transformation and sculpting, with visible results within a single session.

before and after facial
before and after slimming
before and after facial
before and after slimming
before and after facial
before and after slimming

Our Slimming & Sculpting Services

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Our clinic is conveniently located on the west side of Houston in the Energy Corridor, accessible to those in Katy, Spring, Sugar Land, Bellaire, and other surrounding areas.

Slimming & Contouring Treatments

For better results book our slimming package of 6 session.

Our patented Brazilian body slimming massage combines lymphatic drainage massage with our proprietary technique of rapid, deep, and precise sliding movements. This unique massage stimulates a heightened metabolic response in the body, promoting rapid slimming. Our methodology differs from regular manual lymphatic drainage massage in terms of pressure and direction.

Ultrasound Cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction technique using sound waves to liquefy fat cells in targeted areas. This method dimmish the size of fat cells, releasing their contents for natural elimination by the body. It’s a safe, surgery-free option with no downtime, effectively contouring the body with visible results.

Laser Lipo is a non-invasive procedure using laser energy to reduce fat cells. The laser creates tiny holes in fat cells, causing them to release fatty acids, water, and glycerol, and then shrink. The body naturally expels these substances via the lymphatic system. This method effectively targets fat in specific areas, enhancing body contour and tone. 

Wood Therapy is a non-invasive body sculpting technique, which uses wooden tools to target fat and cellulite to improve lymphatic flow and out smooth skin. It boosts circulation, and aids in toxin release, focusing on specific areas for relaxation and contouring without downtime. This method complements other slimming treatments for a holistic body sculpting approach.

$35 | Add-On Service

In our slimming treatment, we use a special slimming gel, applied to targeted areas. Its formula helps reduce measurements and cellulite, aiding in fluid and toxin elimination. With high absorption, a light texture, and anti-inflammatory qualities, it improves microcirculation and skin toning. Applied under plastic wrap, it intensifies slimming effects, yielding moisturized, glowing, and toned skin post-treatment. 

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1 Slimming Session

50 Minutes

6 Slimming Sessions

50 Minutes

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Why Chose Carolina Pintos for your slimming & body contouring solution?

Our approach goes beyond just having top-of-the-line machines; it’s about knowing how to use these tools effectively in combination with our unique slimming massage techniques. We excel in understanding each client’s body and their response to treatment, recognizing that everyone is different. This deep understanding and application of the most suitable techniques for each individual set us apart, making our services more effective than the competition. At Carolina Pintos, you’re not just getting a treatment; you’re experiencing a tailored approach to achieving your desired physique.

FDA Approved Machine: Our FDA-approved slimming and body contouring machines, developed in collaboration with Mitsubishi by AW3, features cutting-edge technology. They combine ultrasound cavitation, laser lipo, and vacuum tech for effective fat targeting and skin firming, offering a non-surgical, safe solution for body shaping.

Combined Treatments For Best Results: Our patented Brazilian slimming massage, complemented by Ultra Cavitation, Laser Lipo, and Wood Therapy, offers a powerful fat reduction and body sculpting solution. This combination of rhythmic massage, ultrasound fat breakdown, targeted laser treatment, and contouring wood tools effectively slims, tones, and sculpts the body for comprehensive and lasting results.

Non-surgical: A key benefit of our slimming and body contouring massages and treatments is its non-invasive nature. They offer alternatives to surgical procedures, thus diminishing the related risks, recovery time, and potential for scarring.

Targeted Fat Reduction: Slimming procedures are highly effective in precisely targeting specific areas, significantly reducing persistent fat deposits in stubborn regions.

No Downtime: Our treatments allow for immediate return to daily activities, with no downtime required. Clients typically resume their routines right after their session, although combining these treatments with exercise and a healthy diet is recommended for best results.

Outstanding customer satisfaction: We prioritize outstanding customer service throughout your journey, from booking to post-treatment, ensuring every client leaves satisfied and happy with their experience.

Praises By Our Patients

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Chandra WillisChandra Willis
22:49 12 Apr 24
This place is wonderful! I highly recommend. Patricia is the best😊😊😊♥️. They are truly a wonderful team!
Leslie EzellLeslie Ezell
13:47 12 Apr 24
Carolina and her staff is amazing. Very professional and knowledgeable.
Claudia CuevasClaudia Cuevas
19:01 10 Apr 24
Miss Patricia is the absolute best! She is the master of lymphatic massage. Her expertise shows every time I have been treated by her and has made a great difference in my health. Lucky to have found... you guys!read more
Tyler Jen HiromsTyler Jen Hiroms
17:09 10 Apr 24
I had my first post-op massage therapy session and it was just so great! Verlene was my therapist and I will try booking all my sessions with her. Both she and Carolina are both so lovely and... knowledgeable. The facility is just beautiful, very clean and peaceful. Highly recommended!!!read more
Jazzie JJazzie J
13:34 09 Apr 24
What a great massage! Ambience is amazing and service is top tier!
16:55 07 Apr 24
CAROLINA IS A LIFESAVER! I had lipo 360 and a skinny BBL by Dr. Chamata 1 month ago. I endured 15 very painful lymphatic massages with another therapist. It was so uncomfortable I cried at every... session. They created more scar tissue. They never changed their technique according to what my body needed at that time. Thank God I found Carolina. All the google reviews for Carolina are exactly how I feel. I had one session and I knew right away I was in the best care possible. My body felt it. Healing after lipo is hard, lonely and you feel very lost. Carolina used a variety of massages, Radiofrequency, vibration specifically tailored to what my body needed. Her beds are soft and the room temperatures are perfect ( I get cold VERY easily) her office is warm, inviting as well as all the staff I encountered including Marisol- super sweet. My biggest regret is I wish I would have done my own due diligence and listened to my body the first time knowing the other place was not right for me. I am so happy I trusted my gut and came to Carolina. I TRUST HER FULLY & COMPLETELY. And all it took was 1 session to know this.read more
Beth CantrellBeth Cantrell
00:47 07 Apr 24
Ann is wonderful each and every time I go in. The work she’s done on my scare tissue removal and lymphatic drainage is beyond wonderful. Because of her great treatment after my surgery, this week... for the first time in over 3 years I was able to wear zip and button up jeans instead of elastic waist ones. I would highly recommend Ann and Carolina Pintos to others.read more
Lorena TLSLorena TLS
22:11 06 Apr 24
Superb service and services. The staff listens to concerns and answers all questions without the "hard sell". I felt so much better after my massage and will continue to invest in my well being at... Carolina Pinto's. Jacqueline is amazing!read more
Marina SMarina S
23:14 05 Apr 24
I had a lymphatic facial and had a wonderful experience with Ann. She is very knowledgeable especially with her medical background and truly knows her techniques. The office is lovely and clean,... staff extremely friendly. I cannot wait to go again!read more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How does the body slimming & contouring treatment work?

A: Our Slimming and Body Contouring Treatment is a cutting-edge approach that uniquely combines our patented style of rapid, deep, and precise sliding massage techniques (known as slimming massage) with advanced machine treatments for unparalleled slimming and contouring results. This massage targets the adipose layer of fat, actively stimulating metabolism and focusing directly on the fat layer for effective reduction.

Enhancing this process, we integrate medical-grade technologies like ultrasound cavitation (also known as ultra cavitation) and lipo laser, thereby amplifying the slimming effects. Ultra cavitation is a non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound waves to break down and dissolve stubborn fat cells, while lipo laser employs low-level laser therapy to penetrate and shrink fat cells by causing them to release their stored contents. This dual action results in a significant overflow of triglycerides from the cells, leading to an immediate reduction in measurements. The body processes the released substances – glycerol and free fatty acids – through absorption in the capillaries and lymphatic system, conversion into energy via physical activity, and natural elimination through the kidneys.

Our method surpasses traditional body slimming massages by merging Brazilian slimming massage with ultra cavitation and lipo laser technologies. This combination not only enhances the effectiveness of the manual massage but also creates a synergistic effect that efficiently breaks down fat cells. The fusion of manual techniques with state-of-the-art machine technology provides a comprehensive solution for effectively reducing stubborn fat and achieving significant body contouring and inch loss.

Q: What body slimming treatments are typically combined with the body slimming massage?

A: The body slimming treatments are designed to complement and enhance the results of the Brazilian body slimming massage. They work togeather and offers unique benefits, creating a comprehensive approach to body contouring and slimming.

Ultra Cavitation is a key component of this holistic approach. It utilizes ultrasound technology to effectively break down fat cells in targeted areas such as the thighs, abdomen, flanks, and buttocks. This method is non-invasive and focuses on liquefying fat cells, which are then naturally excreted by the body.

Lipo Laser treatment works alongside Ultra Cavitation. It employs low-level laser therapy to penetrate and shrink fat cells. This process leads to the release of stored fats, which are then processed and eliminated by the body, resulting in a significant reduction in overall body fat and measurements.

Radio Frequency (RF) Therapy is another vital aspect of the treatment regimen. This non-invasive procedure uses high-frequency energy to make the tissue more malleable and easy to manipulate. By generating controlled heat within the skin’s dermal layers, RF Therapy helps in contouring the body and enhancing skin firmness and elasticity.

The Brazilian Body Wrap complements these high-tech treatments. It targets localized fat and flaccidity, promoting slimming and toning. By rejuvenating collagen and elastin in the skin, it not only enhances firmness but also helps create a more defined silhouette.

Finally, VelaShape is included in the suite of treatments offered. It is an FDA-approved procedure ideal for contouring areas that are typically resistant to diet and exercise. VelaShape uses a combination of infrared light, bi-polar radio frequency energy, and vacuum technology to heat fat cells and surrounding tissue, thus promoting the growth of new collagen and elastin. Note: In some instences and to minimize cost of treatment, we might simply employ vaccume theapery which has very similar resutls. 

These treatments, when combined with the Brazilian body slimming massage, offer a multifaceted approach to body contouring. This integrated approach not only targets stubborn fat but also improves overall skin texture and tone, leading to a more sculpted, toned, and defined body silhouette​​​​.

Q: What is ultra cavitation?

A: Ultra cavitation, often referred to as ultrasonic cavitation, is a non-invasive body contouring treatment. It utilizes low-frequency sound waves to create micro-bubbles in the fat layer beneath the skin. These sound waves target fat cells, causing the cells to vibrate and the fat to turn into a liquid form. This liquid fat is then naturally processed and eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

Q: Is ultra cavitation safe or painful?

A: Ultrasound cavitation is a non-invasive, generally safe, and painless body contouring treatment. It employs low-frequency sound waves to create micro-bubbles in the fat layer under the skin, turning fat into liquid form. This liquid fat is then naturally processed out of the body through the lymphatic system. The procedure targets localized fat in areas such as the thighs, abdomen, and arms, focusing on reshaping the body rather than overall weight reduction.

Q: What is lipo laser Technology?

A: Lipo laser technology is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that uses low-level laser therapy to target and penetrate fat cells. This technology is designed to break down the fat cells and promote the triglycerides in the cells to overflow. As a result, the fat cells shrink in size, resulting in weight loss and body slimming.

During the lipo laser treatment, low-level laser energy is applied to the targeted area, which penetrates the skin without causing damage to the surrounding tissues. The laser energy then targets the fat cells, causing them to release their stored contents, such as fatty acids and glycerol, which are then metabolized by the body or excreted through natural processes.

Q: Is lipo laser safe or painful?


Lipo laser treatment is a non-invasive and safe procedure, using low-level laser energy that safely targets fat cells without harming surrounding tissues. The treatment involves no incisions or needles, and there’s no downtime required, allowing patients to return to their daily activities immediately after the session.

While lipo laser treatment is generally well-tolerated, some minor risks and side effects may occur, such as temporary redness or swelling at the site of treatment. These effects are typically mild and resolve spontaneously within a few days. As with all medical procedures, discussing potential risks and concerns with a healthcare provider is advisable.

Q: What are some of the benefits specific to Brazilian body slimming massage?

A: The Brazilian body slimming massage can improve tissue oxygenation and nutrition, reduce inches around the body, boost metabolism, and improves muscle tone. Do keep in mind that for optimal results, we do recommend accompanying the massage with the body contouring and sculpting machine treatments.

Q: How long does slimming last?

A: The duration of slimming results can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s body type, lifestyle habits, and the specific treatment used.

For example, non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as Lipo Laser and ultrasound cavitation can provide immediate results, with some patients reporting a reduction in body fat and inches after just one treatment. However, in order to maintain these results, it is typically recommended to undergo a series of treatments over a period of weeks depending on the individual’s specific needs and goals.

Similarly, lifestyle changes such as adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine can also contribute to long-term body slimming results. However, it is important to note that these changes must be sustained in order to maintain the results over time.

Q: What is the adipose layer?

A: The adipose layer, also known as body fat, is a type of connective tissue found throughout the body. It exists under the skin (subcutaneous fat), around internal organs (visceral fat), and in other areas. This tissue is crucial for storing energy, insulating the body, and protecting organs. It also plays a significant role in the endocrine system, interacting with other organs to regulate metabolism.

Q: Does the body slimming massage & treatment have any side effects?

A: The Brazilian slimming massage is a non-invasive method that utilizes repetitive, targeted pressure to stimulate localized fat reduction. Some individuals may experience discomfort during the procedure, but this is generally well-tolerated. Other body slimming treatments, such as Ultra Cavitation and Radio Frequency Therapy, may result in mild to moderate erythema and tissue inflammation, but these effects are typically transitory and not visually significant.

Q: How long is each body slimming massage or body slimming treatment session?

A: The length of each session is around 50 minutes.

Q: How many slimming and contouring treatments sessions are typically needed to see results?

A: You will start seeing results after the first session, but typically a series of 6-10 sessions are recommended for optimal results.

Q: Are there any restrictions on activity after a massage or treatment session?

A: There are no restrictions on activity after a body slimming massage or body contouring treatment session. It is recommended to drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins that have been released from the lymphatic system.

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