Muscle Toning

Unlock the power of cutting-edge muscle toning with our EMSlim and Termax-Gym therapy services in Houston. Harnessing the latest in electromagnetic technology, our toning treatments offer a non-invasive approach to strengthen, tone, and firm your muscles, complementing your body contouring journey. Whether you’re looking to enhance abdominal definition, lift and firm the buttocks, or tone other areas, our treatments are tailored to meet your unique goals. Experience a stronger, more defined physique and embrace the next level of body confidence.


Muscle Strengthening and Toning

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Improved Muscle Control and Coordination

Our Muscle Toning Services

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Our clinic is conveniently located on the west side of Houston in the Energy Corridor, accessible to those in Katy, Spring, Sugar Land, Bellaire, and other surrounding areas.

Muscle Toning Treatments

For better results book our Muscle Toning package of 6 session.

Body Slimming MassageEMSlim technology utilizes High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to create rapid, intense muscle contractions, exceeding what regular exercise achieves. Applied to specific body areas like the abdomen or thighs, it penetrates skin and fat, directly stimulating muscles underneath. This leads to powerful muscle contractions that build and tone muscles effectively, offering an efficient solution for muscle toning and complementing body contouring.

TermaxGymCombining Termax-Gym with EMSlim treatments creates a powerful muscle toning and body contouring strategy. Start with EMSlim for deep muscle contractions and muscle building in specific areas, then follow with Termax-Gym for further muscle refinement and toning. This combination maximizes the effects of both treatments, enhancing muscle development and overall body sculpting.

1 Muscle Toning Session

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6 Muscle Toning Sessions

50 Minutes

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Why Chose Carolina Pintos for Muscle Toning?

Our unique approach combines EMSlim and Termax-Gym machines with specialized slimming massage techniques, customized to each client’s individual needs. This tailored method ensures more effective results than standard treatments. Choosing Carolina Pintos means embarking on a personalized journey to your ideal physique, guided by experts in body transformation.

FDA-Approved Technology: Our muscle toning treatments feature the EMSlim and Termax-Gym machines, both FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness. These advanced technologies synergize to stimulate muscle growth and enhance body contouring. 

Complementary Techniques: To maximize results, our muscle toning sessions may include complementary methods. EMSlim uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology for deep muscle stimulation, while Termax-Gym employs electrical impulses for precise muscle toning and rehabilitation.

Non-Invasive & No Downtime: EMSlim and Termax-Gym treatments offer a safe, non-invasive, and pain-free alternative to surgical muscle enhancement. This treatment also has no downtime. 

Targeted Muscle Toning: These treatments are highly effective in focusing on specific muscle groups, such as the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and thighs. They work to tone and strengthen these targeted areas, resulting in a more defined and sculpted physique.

Outstanding customer satisfaction: We prioritize outstanding customer service throughout your journey, from booking to post-treatment, ensuring every client leaves satisfied and happy with their experience.

Praises By Our Patients

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Shalimar SankarShalimar Sankar
19:26 18 May 24
The entire team at Carolina Pintos are absolutely fantastic - from the friendly front desk staff to the wonderful therapists, and Carolina herself. Everyone is absolutely warm and helpful, making... each visit a pleasure. I’ve been seeing Jacquline for a few months now after my surgery, and the improvement in my scar tissue is incredible 💯 Jacquline exudes warmth, kindness, and positive energy in every session ✨ She truly understands the body inside and out and is one of the best masseuses I’ve ever been to. Every time I leave her care, I feel much better than when I walked in. I’ve tried other fabulous therapists there, but I keep coming back to Jacquline. She gets books quickly for a reason, so book with her today! You won’t be disappointed! 🩷read more
tammy lindseytammy lindsey
17:36 17 May 24
My therapist Jacquline is amazing. She explains the whole process. She instructs me to feel the before and after and I look amazing.
Ashley WigginAshley Wiggin
00:34 12 May 24
I cannot recommend Ms. Jacquline enough! She has been such an amazing therapist. Always listening to my concerns, offers her expertise and gives the highest quality of therapy massages every single... time. She treats every session with the upmost care and determination to make sure I leave better than I arrived. Her massages are a work of art and always makes me feel comfortable and at ease. If you haven’t had a massage with Ms. Jacquline you’re missing out. She is simply more
Billie TsikaBillie Tsika
19:32 11 May 24
Very nice facility and friendly people. Great massage.
Laura AndrewsLaura Andrews
15:25 11 May 24
Absolutely amazing
Carolina SimoesCarolina Simoes
22:43 10 May 24
I’ll start saying that this clinic has an amazing environment...a welcoming staff at the front desk. A cozy room where you can relax during your session. I had a post op (hernia and lipo) lymphatic... massage with Verlene. She is a lovely person, and very professional. I started the massage tense (only 4 days of post op and hurting a bit). The first minutes are uncomfortable due to the swelling, what is normal and expected. But then she just works her magic, with proper technique and care, and the result is: I left the clinic feeling amazing! Will be back for the next sessions in the following weeks. I totally recommend them for who is searching for a responsible and professional more
Rafael MendezRafael Mendez
22:03 10 May 24
I scheduled an appointment for submental face tightening. From the time of arrival, Marisol the manager, was not only professional but made me feel welcome and comfortable. My therapist, Claudia,... was awesome and very attentive. She explained the process of my procedure and answered all my questions. The treatment was too relaxing that I fell asleep. I will definitely come back!read more
Jenny PrescottJenny Prescott
20:43 07 May 24
I’ve felt so much better since starting with my massage therapist! My gait has improved since my first visit!
sarah toccosarah tocco
17:59 07 May 24
Immediate results! I went in 6 months postpartum for my c-section scar tissue and remaining swelling. Patty was my therapist. I left feeling slimmer and the scar has softened significantly! I’ve... already told my fellow c-sections friends about it!read more

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does EMSlim actually work?

A: Yes, EMSlim is effective in building muscle and sculpting your body. It uses high-intensity electromagnetic technology to induce deep muscle contractions, enhancing muscle tone and strength.

Q: Does Termax-Gym work and how is it different from EMSlim?

A: Absolutely, Termax-Gym is effective for muscle toning and pain relief. It differs from EMSlim as it also offers infrared heat and a wider range of electrical stimulation programs, allowing for more versatile treatment options.

Q: How long do the results from EMSlim or Termax-Gym last?

A: The results can last for several months but vary based on individual lifestyle and maintenance sessions. Consistent exercise and a healthy diet can prolong the effects.

Q: Does EMSlim or Termax-Gym treatment help reduce belly fat?

A: Both treatments can aid in reducing belly fat. EMSlim primarily focuses on muscle toning, but it also helps in fat reduction. Termax-Gym infrared heat can further aid in this process.

Q: Is there any downside after the EMSlim or Termax-Gym treatment?

A: Most individuals experience no significant side effects. Some might feel mild muscle soreness similar to after a workout.

Q: Which is better: EMSlim vs Termax-Gym?

A: The choice depends on your specific goals. EMSlim is more focused on muscle building, while Termax-Gym offers additional benefits like pain relief and infrared heat therapy.

Q: Does EMSlim or Termax-Gym flatten your stomach?

A: Yes, both EMSlim and Termax-Gym effectively flatten the stomach. EMSlim uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to build and tone abdominal muscles while reducing fat. Termax-Gym combines electrostimulation and infrared heat for muscle toning and potential fat reduction. The infrared heat boosts circulation, aiding in fat cell breakdown. Together, they provide a thorough solution for abdominal toning and fat reduction.

Q: Is EMSlim or Termax-Gym treatment painful?

A: EMSlim and Termax-Gym treatments are generally comfortable and not painful, though individual sensitivity varies. EMSlim feels like intense muscle contractions with a tapping sensation, similar to a vigorous workout. Termax-Gym sensation from electrostimulation is adjustable for comfort, and its infrared heat is often found pleasant and soothing. The intensity of both treatments can be tailored to each individual’s comfort level.

Q: Can I use EMSlim or Termax-Gym if I have medical implants?

A: Caution is necessary for those with medical implants considering EMSlim or Termax-Gym treatments. EMSlim electromagnetic technology may interfere with metal implants, pacemakers, or defibrillators. Similarly, Termax-Gym electrical stimulation could affect electronic implants. Always consult with your healthcare provider and disclose any implants before starting these treatments to ensure safety.

Q: How often should I undergo EMSlim or Termax-Gym treatments for the best results?

A: The frequency of EMSlim or Termax-Gym treatments depends on your goals and response. Usually, 4-6 EMSlim sessions are recommended every 2-3 days for muscle and fat reduction. Termax-Gym may follow a similar schedule, tailored to individual needs. Maintenance sessions every few months are advised post-initial series. A personalized plan from a professional will optimize outcomes and adjust treatment frequency.

Q: Are EMSlim and Termax-Gym treatments suitable for everyone?

A: EMSlim and Termax-Gym are generally safe but not suitable for everyone, including pregnant women, people with heart disorders, epilepsy, or electronic implants like pacemakers. Those with more body fat might need additional fat reduction methods. It’s crucial to consult a healthcare provider to evaluate risks and determine if these treatments are right for you.

Q: Can I combine EMSlim and Termax-Gym treatments with other therapies?

A: Combining EMSlim and Termax-Gym with other therapies like nutritional guidance, exercise, or non-invasive fat reduction can enhance body contouring results. It’s important to consult a professional to create a holistic plan tailored to your goals, ensuring that additional therapies are safe and effective with these treatments.

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