Lymphedema Treatment

We are one of Houston’s premier destination for specialized lymphedema care. As a dedicated Lymphatic and lymphedema clinic, we bring years of experience and a deep understanding of this complex condition to our patients. Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to helping you achieve the lowest possible level of swelling and providing you with the education and resources needed to maintain and manage your symptoms. We understand lymphedema and are passionate about your healing journey. Whether you’re dealing with primary or secondary lymphedema, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Explore our page to learn more about lymphedema, our treatment methods, and how we can assist you on your path to improved health.

Reduced Swelling

Improved Mobility and Function

Pain and Discomfort Relief

Prevention of Complications

Improved Quality of Life

Education and Self-Management

Lymphedema is a condition that arises due to a malfunction in the lymphatic system, a crucial part of our immune and circulatory systems. This system is responsible for transporting lymph, a fluid containing white blood cells that fight infection, throughout the body. Lymphedema typically occurs when lymph vessels are damaged or lymph nodes are removed, disrupting the normal flow of lymph. This can result in a buildup of this fluid, leading to swelling, usually in the arms or legs.

At Carolina Pintos, we offer comprehensive treatment options for lymphedema, tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Our goal is to reduce swelling, manage symptoms, and improve the quality of life for our patients. Remember, early detection and treatment of lymphedema can significantly improve outcomes and quality of life. If you suspect you may have lymphedema, please contact us immediately. We’re here to support you on your journey to better health.

Lymphedema, a condition caused by a malfunction in the lymphatic system, leads to fluid buildup and swelling, usually in the arms or legs. At Carolina Pintos, we provide personalized lymphedema treatments aimed at reducing swelling, managing symptoms, and enhancing patients’ quality of life. Early detection and treatment are key for better outcomes. If you suspect lymphedema, contact us immediately for support and care.

We are located on the west side of Houston at the Energy Corridor, and easily accessible to those in Katy, Spring, Sugar Land, Bellaire, and other surrounding locations.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Unique for Patients With Lymphedema

This is a gentle massage technique that targets the lymphatic system, specifically the superficial lymph vessels just beneath the skin. The goal of MLD is to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid around blocked or damaged areas, redirecting it to healthier lymph vessels where it can eventually drain back into the circulatory system. This helps to reduce swelling and improve the overall function of the lymphatic system. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a gentle massage technique that stimulates the lymphatic system. It redirects lymph fluid from blocked or damaged areas to healthier vessels, reducing swelling and enhancing lymphatic function.

 $129 In-Office Session | 50 minutes 

 $129 In-Office Session
50 minutes 

Our loyalty program gives you $25 OFF after every 3rd visit


Compression Therapy

This involves the use of specially designed garments, bandages, or pumps to apply constant, gradient pressure to the affected limb. This pressure supports the function of the lymph vessels and helps to prevent the buildup of lymph fluid, thereby reducing swelling. Compression garments should be custom-fitted and worn during the day while the patient is active. At night, bandages may be used for continued compression.

Compression therapy uses custom-fitted garments, bandages, or pumps to apply pressure to the affected limb, supporting lymph vessels and reducing swelling by preventing lymph fluid buildup.

 $129 In-Office Session | 50 minutes 

 $129 In-Office Session
50 minutes 

Our loyalty program gives you $25 OFF after every 3rd visit


Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

This is a comprehensive approach to lymphedema treatment that combines all of the above methods. It typically involves an intensive phase, during which treatments are done frequently, and a maintenance phase, during which the patient continues treatments at home. CDT is considered the gold standard for lymphedema treatment and has been shown to significantly reduce swelling and improve quality of life.

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is a comprehensive lymphedema treatment combining multiple methods. It includes an intensive treatment phase and a home maintenance phase, effectively reducing swelling and enhancing quality of life.

 $258 In-Office Session | 100 minutes 

 $258 In-Office Session
100 minutes 

Our loyalty program gives you $25 OFF after every 3rd visit


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Mel GMel G
16:41 21 Sep 23
I don’t even know where to begin! I had lipo 2 weeks ago and the lipo itself was horrible!! I was awake and they did NOT give me enough local anesthesia, at least not for my level of pain threshold.... But that’s another story! I have been wearing my compression garments and doing everything I was told to do but unfortunately I have been so uncomfortable and I’ve developed so much scar tissue which left me with a LOT of lumps, some of which are actually visible.I am Brazilian and I've had lymphatic massages in Brazil and I know the benefits associated with it. I searched in Google for someone close to home that provided this service and low and behold I found not only one across the street from my office but a Brazilian which made me elated!From the moment I arrived, I felt like everyone was so nice and welcoming. They led me to my room and I met with Patricia who did the actual massage/scar tissue breakup. After I got undressed and was laying in the bed waiting for her to return, Carolina walked in to introduce herself to me and I felt as if we knew each other personally. She is so personable and incredibly knowledgeable. I felt so at ease and like she was leaving me in excellent hands!Patricia was also wonderful! She was very nice and patient with me as I whimpered lol I'm not gonna lie, it hurt like holy hell, but after some ibuprofen lol I felt much better. I have a lot of scar tissue so I know I'm going to have to endure this for a few more sessions, but I have no choice if I want to see/feel improvements.I am honestly sooooooo happy I found Carolina and her team!read more
Mary BMary B
19:18 19 Sep 23
Wonderful lymphatic massage! Netta is so very thorough, professional and experienced.
Kimberly BaptisteKimberly Baptiste
13:58 18 Sep 23
Quality of the service was top notch. My only concern is transparency around pricing. I received a treatment I did not ask for and incurred an unexpected $30 cost.
DeAngela ScottDeAngela Scott
01:34 17 Sep 23
I had laser liposuction performed 2 weeks ago and I was having some stiffness and hardness in my abdomen. Amazingly, after one session my abdomen feels softer and there is less discomfort when I move.
Merkaba MorrisMerkaba Morris
17:40 16 Sep 23
It was a great experience and I found great relief in my session .
17:35 15 Sep 23
I’m 7 weeks post op and these ladies always make me feel and look great. Getting smaller every week, can’t wait to see my final results thanks to Carolina Pintos Therapy! Highly recommended!!!
Catherine VitugCatherine Vitug
13:15 14 Sep 23
Claudia was very thorough,, knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the process. She definitely helped me feel at ease during my appointment. I already have my follow-up appointment. So thankful I... found Carolina Pintos Therapy!read more
Bambi GrilleyBambi Grilley
16:39 12 Sep 23
Fabulous, professional people. Totally taking care of the customers! I love it here .
Hope NelsonHope Nelson
16:26 12 Sep 23
Jacqueline is amazing!! I’ve really enjoyed my services. My cellulite has improved and I feel so great after each session. Highly recommend!
Isabel LopezIsabel Lopez
00:43 09 Sep 23
I really liked the massage!!! I will definitely be a regular!!!
My Lam-LyMy Lam-Ly
16:17 06 Sep 23
Post op therapy is a must after surgery! I highly recommend Carolina and her team. They are attentive, knowledgeable about the care treatments for each client. I love Carolina’s bedside manners and... she’s personable and can relate to our needs.read more
Rebekah ‘emethRebekah ‘emeth
09:48 06 Sep 23
I am eternally grateful for the patience, detailed education, exquisite customer service and comfort Ms Patricia has provided me through Carolina Pintos Lymphatic Massage services. I had lipo and... mini tuck and not for one moment did I feel confused about the process due to her extreme patience as I followed her instructions.. it has paid off Big Time ‼️🥰🥰 I am loving my results and have decided to continue with other services as a result. Thank you Carolina! Thank you Patricia for providing quality service you are the true MVP’s recovery!!Highly Recommend..read more

General Questions About Lymphedema

Lymphedema FAQs

Q: What is lymphedema and what are the causes it?

A: Lymphedema is a chronic condition characterized by swelling in certain parts of the body, usually the arms or legs, due to a compromised or damaged lymphatic system. Lymphedema can be primary (congenital or genetic) or secondary (caused by surgery, radiation therapy, infection, trauma, or other factors that damage the lymphatic system).

Q: What are the symptoms of lymphedema and how is it diagnosed?

A: Symptoms may include swelling, heaviness or tightness in the affected limb, decreased flexibility, recurrent infections, thickening of the skin, and discomfort. Lymphedema is typically diagnosed based on medical history, physical examination, and evaluation of symptoms. Additional tests such as lymphoscintigraphy or bioimpedance analysis may be used for confirmation.

Q: Is lymphedema curable and can it be prevented?

A: While there is no known cure for lymphedema, it can be effectively managed with proper treatment and self-care to control swelling and prevent complications. While primary lymphedema cannot be prevented, there are measures to reduce the risk of secondary lymphedema, such as proper wound care, infection prevention, and avoiding trauma to the affected limb.

Q: What are the stages of lymphedema?

A: Lymphedema is often classified into four stages based on the severity of swelling and tissue changes. The stages range from mild to severe.

Q: What is the difference between primary and secondary lymphedema?

A: Primary lymphedema is caused by congenital abnormalities in the lymphatic system, whereas secondary lymphedema occurs as a result of damage to the lymphatic system due to external factors.

Q: How is lymphedema treated?

A: Lymphedema treatment typically involves a combination of approaches to manage the condition effectively. This comprehensive approach includes manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a specialized massage technique that promotes the flow of lymph fluid and reduces swelling. Compression therapy, using garments, bandages, or pumps, applies constant pressure to the affected limb, facilitating the movement of lymph fluid. Personalized exercise programs improve lymphatic flow, mobility, and overall well-being. Proper skincare and self-management techniques, such as elevation, hygiene, and adhering to recommended routines, are crucial for preventing complications. 

Q: What is an lymphatic massage like?

A: After an initial consultation, you will undress, lie down on a massage table in the face-up position, covered with proper draping. The atmosphere is the same as a massage treatment room with dim lighting and soft music. Although you are in a massage setting, it is important to understand that a lymphatic massage is a specific form of bodywork designed to efficiently move lymph fluid in your body. Manual Lymphatic Massage (MLD) is completely different from deep tissue, Swedish, or relaxation massage that you may be expecting or have had in the past. Stimulation of the Lymphatic System activates the parasympathetic nervous system producing an automatic physiological relaxation response. Many clients fall asleep. Gentle, rotating, pumping motions with the therapist’s hands and fingertips begin at the collarbone area, then focus on areas where there is a concentration of lymph nodes (the underarms, abdomen, groin, and back of the knees). The session always starts face-up position because most of the areas of lymph nodes that need to be decongested are located on the front of the body. It is very important to decongest the areas of drainage in the groin, abdomen, underarms, and collarbone areas before sending extra lymph fluid to them.

Q: What is Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) like?

A: Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is a comprehensive and highly effective treatment approach for lymphedema. It typically involves several components combined into a structured program. The first phase of CDT includes manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), a specialized massage technique that stimulates lymphatic circulation and directs fluid away from congested areas. This is followed by compression therapy, which involves the use of bandages or compression garments to maintain the reduced swelling achieved through MLD. In addition, patients are educated on self-care practices, including skincare, exercise, and limb elevation techniques to enhance lymphatic flow and prevent further fluid accumulation. The second phase of CDT focuses on the long-term management of lymphedema, where patients continue to use compression garments, adhere to self-care practices, and receive ongoing monitoring and support from their healthcare team. CDT is a comprehensive approach that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of lymphedema, aiming to reduce swelling, improve mobility, and enhance overall quality of life. It is typically administered by trained therapists who work closely with patients to tailor the treatment to their specific needs and goals.

Q: How does lymphedema cause edema?

A: Lymphedema, a specific type of edema, arises from the disruption of the normal functioning of the lymphatic system. This impairment hinders the drainage of fluid from the interstitial spaces, where it accumulates. As a consequence, the affected area experiences fluid retention, swelling, increased pressure, and compromised fluid flow out of the blood vessels, exacerbating the edema. Lymphedema may also induce inflammation and tissue fibrosis, further contributing to the persistence of edema. It is important to note that while lymphedema specifically stems from lymphatic system dysfunction, not all cases of edema can be attributed to lymphedema.

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