Post Surgery Massage & Treatments

Carolina Pintos brings
Post Surgery techniques from Brazil

An important aspect of any surgical procedure is the post-rehabilitation recovery process. Our combined post-op massages and machine treatments are great in helping with inflammation, smoothing out scar tissue, and preventing any post-surgery complications.

We Start With Post Op Lymphatic Drainage

We Introduce Cupping Therapy

We Progress To Use Medical Machines & Lipo Massage

We Do Some Tapping If Needed

Every patient gets a personalized treatment and recovery plan. Personalized care means you get all your questions answered and you feel confident that you are maximizing your recovery. 

Pre-Treatment Assessment

Customized Therapy Treatment

Take-Home Treatment & Activity Plan

Garment Assistance

Recovery Process Education

Post Surgery Lymphatic Massage &
Machine Treatment

 $129 – $169 | 50 minutes 
In-Office Post Op Lymphatic Massage & Machine Treatment 
$249 | 50 minutes
In-Home Post Op Lymphatic Massage
(ideal for Immediate Post Op patients)

Our loyalty program gives you $25 OFF after every 3rd visit


General Questions Post Surgery Massage & Treatments

Post Surgery FAQs

Q: What Is Included With Your Full Treatment?
  • Pre-Treatment Assessment – We explain your current post-op state and approximately how many sessions and the types of treatments you will need to recover in the best way possible. 
  • Customized Therapy Treatment – We will build you a personalized plan and outline the different types of massages we will do, and when and why we do them. After a few sessions and once you are in a different inflammatory stage we will begin to introduce the use of our medical machines to treat unwanted post-surgery complications (i.e. scar tissue and more).
  • Take-Home Treatment & Activity Plan – We give you a list of cupping and screeching techniques to help with mobility, fascia release, and to further promote healing.
  • Garment Assistance – We teach you how to put on your garments, lipo foams, and boards. We also help you understand the proper size for compression. 
  • Recovery Process Education – We coach about the different inflammatory stages so you can better prepare for what is to come in the following weeks. We also give you a list of does and don’t to prevent complications like blood clotting.
Q: What To Expect After Your Post Op Treatment?
  • Reduce recovery time
  • Eliminate toxins and body fluid buildup 
  • Feel better
  • Improve energy level
  • Gain more range of motion 
  • Reduce unwanted scar tissue formation
Q: What Surgeries and/or Situation May I Need Post Op Massage & Treatment?
  • After Liposuction
  • After Chin Lipo
  • After Breast Implants
  • After a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
  • After Tummy Tuck
  • After A Mommy Makeover
  • After C-Section and Postpartum
  • For Facial or Body Scar Tissue Reduction
  • And More
Q: What Is The Total Cost of Treatment?
A: The cost of the treatment depends on when you had your surgery, where you are in the inflammatory stage, and how your body is dealing with the recovery. We typically start with Post Surgery Lymphatic Massages which are $129 per session. Then we progress to using our medical equipment in conjunction with the treatment to yield the best results. That phase of the treatment is $169 per session.

Carolina Pintos will determine the number of sessions needed. Do keep in mind that we have a loyalty program to reduce your cost. On every third session, you get $25 in loyalty rewards which you can use towards other services or forward as a gift to a friend or family member (points expire in 12 months).

Q: Can post surgery treatment or massage be bad after surgery?
A: No. Post-surgery treatment is needed to ensure you heal fast and heal properly. Technique and the use of the proper machines largely determine the right results and relief. If properly treated, post-op treatment only has benefits: Improving the healing process, reducing the buildup of scar tissue, improving skin elasticity, helping with swelling, enhancing the range of motion, and many other benefits. Post-op treatment is a must. We do recommend staying away from wet drainages (aka Colombia massages), and wood therapy after surgery. We find these treatments to be too invasive and harsh on the body after surgery. They are also extremely risky and can cause infection.
Q: Is massage after surgery safe?
A: In many cases, the answer is, yes.  But it’s always a good idea to check with the surgeon or primary care doctor, because there may be certain areas you’ll want to avoid, or the specific conditions when it might be best to wait.
Q: When should you avoid post-op massage?
A: Post-op massage should be avoided if the patient has severe and unmedicated bronchial asthma, acute eczema, fever, acute phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, untreated hyperthyroidism, arterial hypotension, acute infections, heart failure, kidney failure, and malignant neoplasms (cancer).
Q: How long after a surgery can a massage be given?
A: The answer involves much more than the surgery – remember, massage therapy addresses the needs of an individual, not a procedure.  Generally as soon as the client is comfortable with having a massage, you’re good to go.  Remember, surgery carries with it emotional components, so one of the best approaches is to provide a relaxing, soothing and caring touch to help heal the soul.  And then there are the pain-relieving components as well – some people have post-op pain, and massage is a terrific natural alternative to those prescription drugs patients get sent home with. 
Q: What about massaging the surgical wound site?
A: That would depend on the condition of the surgical site.  If it’s still healing up – especially if it hasn’t closed up yet, is red or draining, or is swollen, you should avoid working on the area with any friction or pulling strokes that might stress the wound.  However, feather-light stroking in the surrounding area can be soothing. 
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