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The post-operative recovery process is a crucial component of any surgical procedure. Our post-operative treatment protocol is designed to facilitate the resolution of inflammation and the maturation of scar tissue. This typically includes the incorporation of a modified lymphatic drainage massage, cupping therapy, Endermologie, and Radio Frequency (RF) treatment. The combination and timed delivery of these treatments have been shown to be effective in optimizing the best possible outcome for our patients.

Our post-operative treatment protocol is designed to facilitate the resolution of inflammation and the maturation of scar tissue. The combination and timed delivery of these treatments have been shown to be effective in optimizing the best possible outcome for our patients.

We Start With Post Op Lymphatic Drainage

We Introduce Cupping Therapy & Endermologie

We Progress To Using Radio Frequency Treatment

We Do Some Tapping If Needed

At Carolina Pintos Therapy, we believe in the importance of personalized care. Personalized care means you get all your questions answered and you feel confident that you are maximizing your recovery. 

We provide personalized care which means you get all your questions answered and you maximize your recovery. 

Pre-Treatment Assessment

Customized Therapy Treatment

Take-Home Treatment & Activity Plan

Garment Assistance

Recovery Process Education

Post Surgery Lymphatic
Drainage Massage

Post-surgery massage, which is a slightly modified lymphatic massage, is a technique used to aid in the removal of excess fluids and waste products that can accumulate after surgery, particularly in the lymphatic system. This technique is particularly beneficial for patients who have undergone liposuction, lipo 360, or Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures as it helps to reduce swelling and inflammation in the treated areas. The massage helps to stimulate the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, which helps to improve the flow of lymph and reduce swelling and inflammation, known as lymphedema. Lymphedema is a common complication after lymph node dissection, particularly in breast cancer surgeries. It is important to note that liposuction recovery can take several weeks to several months, and post-surgery massage is just one aspect of the recovery process.

 $129 | 50 minutes 
In-Office Post Op Lymphatic Massage 
$249 | 50 minutes
In-Home Post Op Lymphatic Massage
(ideal for Immediate Post Op patients)

Our loyalty program gives you $25 OFF after every 3rd visit


Fibrosis Treatment

(Scar Tissue Treatment)

Radio frequency and Endermologie treatments are also used in post-surgery recovery to aid in the healing process. Radio frequency treatments use heat energy to stimulate collagen production and improve the elasticity of the skin, known as radiofrequency ablation (RFA). This can help to reduce the appearance of scarring and improve the overall appearance of the skin after surgery. Endermologie treatments use a mechanical device to massage the skin and underlying tissue, known as mechanical massage (MM), which can help to improve circulation, reduce swelling, and improve the appearance of the skin.

$169 | 50 minutes 
In-Office Post Op Machine Treatment
(treatment only available in the office)

Our loyalty program gives you $25 OFF after every 3rd visit


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Lady TeeLady Tee
15:31 10 Nov 22
Amazing- three weeks post-op I went for first visit. I had some complications post surgery and was hospitalized for a week. So when I was going for... first massage my anxiety level was still high. I was in that mental space of what else could go wrong. When I called for appointment I was greeted with a very kind voice on the other end and she secured me a spot same day for that evening. My therapist was extremely kind and immediately put me at ease. The office was very clean and relaxing. She was very gentle and explained everything she was going to do. She talked and assured me I was on track with most patients they see at my stage. She also gave me information of a great place to go and get fitted for a faja. She listened attentively as ai expressed my concerns and the recent journey and experience. The owner was out that day due to her daughter being sick, but when I got settled in the room she called via FaceTime to chat with me and look at my surgical areas and gave recommendations on what techniques to do for me. I thought that was very professional and kind and showed she cared about her business and clients. My second appointment went just as well and I met Carolina in person that day. Again she assessed all my areas and recommended treatment plan. The office is a little ways out from me but I’m not going anywhere closer because of the attentiveness and awesome care they have given to me. I went to see my surgeon and reported how nice and professional they were. He said well be sure and let my front office know, we will definitely let our other patients know. If you just had surgery and looking for a place to start your lymphatic drainage massages , don’t look any further, trust me they are the best. I’m also in the medical field RN for 25 years and I’m very impressed at their bed side manner, knowledge and how they handle and cared for me. Very refreshing to find.read more
Yunnessa GarciaYunnessa Garcia
17:48 27 Sep 22
Carolina and her team are the only people I would trust with my post op treatments. Carolina is very knowledgeable and makes sure things are done... correctly and effectively for you as an individual and not generalize for every patient. They not only provide the best treatment per session, they also make sure to give at home recommendations or exercises, answer questions that I have during the week, and recommend the best products that can help me. They are truly people you can count on. The staff and environment is very welcoming and full of great energy. Emily in the front desk is the best ! She always work with my schedule for the best appointment times. I highly recommend booking in advance since the schedule fills up quickly!!(because they are the best!)read more
Piper LeePiper Lee
11:29 24 Aug 22
Very professional setting. Best post-op massage ever! Easy to get in contact with. I work in the cosmetic surgery industry and I Highly recommend... them for all you post op needs. Did my post lipo lymphatic massage the day after my surgery and these wonderful ladies took such good care of me. I came out a whole new woman.read more
Nikki KingNikki King
18:16 18 Aug 22
My first time ever receiving any form of post op therapy and I am so happy that I found Carolina Pintos Therapy. I was nervous, thought it would be... painful BUT quite the opposite. Very gentle and soothing. I felt so much better after my first session, I cannot say enough about my experience. The office is beautiful, calming, in a great location and the staff are all wonderful and a special thank you to Carolina, the owner, who I had the pleasant surprise of having conduct my session. She isn’t just the owner and therapist she is a guide on this journey. Her guidance and recommendations are priceless. She doesn’t just treat you, and send you on your way. She is absolutely a diamond, and to her office manager Emily!!!! Emily is so welcoming and helpful. I’m will be coming here for years to come.read more
Donna CropperDonna Cropper
15:27 18 Aug 22
Amazing therapy. I had no idea how badly I needed this. Abdominal surgery was years ago (2004 and 2007). I wish I had known about this then. I wish... doctors would prescribe this. I have a lot of scar tissue and this is working! Thank you!read more
Cameshia EmersonCameshia Emerson
14:25 18 Aug 22
Carolina and her staff are AMAZING!!! Customer service is great. Everyone is kind as well as knowledgable. The establishment is clean with elegant... decor.Now most importantly, they make miracles happen! I had a lot of scar tissue after surgery and due to that my massages were extremely uncomfortable. The massage therapists were patient with me and they ensured that I understood the necessity of each thing they did. They gave me advice regarding steps I could take a home to promote healing. They also catered to some of my preferences regarding positioning on the massage table.Over time, I visited three massage therapist. Each of them were thorough and efficient. Carolina checked in during each of my visits to ensure that I was healing properly.I also love the point system they use which offers you the opportunity to get a discount after multiple visits. I love this place and would HIGHLY recommend them!read more
emily andrewsemily andrews
16:32 27 Jul 22
I love going here. The staff is wonderful. They don’t make you wait long. Liz is my favorite. She and the other staff are trained so well to provide... the best care. They help and inform me of everything going on and why they focus on areas. I highly recommend going. Best place of therapeutic help I’ve been to.read more
Emily CainEmily Cain
16:27 27 Jul 22
Let me first start off by saying that I absolutely love coming here. The environment is always the best all of the therapist are so awesome. I love... Liz she's my favorite the in therapist and the fact that she's so knowledgeable and is always educating me is something that is always amazes me!read more

General Questions Post Surgery Massage & Treatments

Post Surgery FAQs

Q: What is included and what should I expect with my treatment?

A: During the pre-treatment assessment, we will explain your current post-op state and provide an estimate of how many sessions and what types of treatments will be necessary for you to recover as effectively as possible. We will then create a customized therapy treatment plan that includes different types of massages and the use of medical machines to address any post-surgery complications such as scar tissue. In addition to the in-office treatment, we will provide you with a list of cupping and stretching techniques that you can do at home to improve mobility, release fascia, and promote healing. We will also assist with garment fitting, including teaching you how to properly wear lipo foams and boards and ensuring that you have the right size of compression garments. As part of the recovery process, we will educate you about the different inflammatory stages and provide a list of dos and don’ts to prevent complications like blood clotting.

Q: What to expect after your post surgery treatment?

A: After your post-surgery treatment, you can expect to reduce your recovery time, eliminate toxins and body fluid buildup, and feel better overall. You may also notice an improvement in your energy level and an increase in your range of motion. Additionally, post-surgery treatment can help to reduce the formation of unwanted scar tissue.

Q: What surgeries and/or situation may I need post-op massage & treatment?

A: Post-op massage and treatment may be recommended for the proper recovery after liposuction, chin lipo, breast implants, Brazilian butt lift (BBL), tummy tuck, mommy makeover, C-section, and for facial or body scar tissue reduction. It may also be recommended for other situations, such as during cancer treatment to help manage lymphedema, to improve the appearance of cellulite, to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks, to improve the health and appearance of the skin, to improve immune system function, and to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Q: How many massages will I need after a surgery procedure and will the treatment include the use of any machines?

A: It is ideal to receive at least one or two lymphatic massage treatments prior to a surgical procedure. There are many different things that can influence healing. Some patients get 4-5 In the first two weeks and that is enough, especially if they only have liposuction. People getting tummy tuck Sometimes requires around 2 or 3 sessions of lymphatic drainage for 3 weeks. Also, patients who get multiple procedures at the same time (lipo and a tummy tuck, or lipo and a buttock enhancement; Brazilian Butt Lift) may need more sessions than someone who only gets one procedure. The use of medical machines will largely depend upon your inflammatory stage, your health condition, and the desired outcome of the treatment. This detail will be expressed to you by the lead therapist during your consultation or treatment. 

Q: What Is The Total Cost of Treatment?

A: The cost of the treatment depends on when you had your surgery, where you are in the inflammatory stage, and how your body is dealing with the recovery. We typically start with Post Surgery Lymphatic Massages which are $129 per session. Then we progress to using our medical equipment in conjunction with the treatment to yield the best results. That phase of the treatment is $169 per session.

Your lead therapist will determine the number of sessions needed. Do keep in mind that we have a loyalty program to reduce your cost. On every third session, you get $25 in loyalty rewards which you can use towards other services or forward as a gift to a friend or family member (points expire in 12 months).

Q: Can post surgery treatment or massage be bad during my liposuction recovery or cosmetic surgery recovery ?

A: Post-surgery treatment is needed to ensure you heal fast and heal properly. Technique and the use of the proper machines largely determine the right results and relief. If properly treated, post-op treatment only has benefits: Improving the healing process, reducing the buildup of scar tissue, improving skin elasticity, helping with swelling, enhancing the range of motion, and many other benefits. Post-op treatment is a must. We do recommend staying away from wet drainages (aka Colombia massages), and wood therapy during your liposuction recovery or cosmetic surgery recovery. We find these treatments to be too invasive and harsh on the body after surgery. They are also extremely risky and can cause infection.

Q: Is massage after surgery safe?
A: In many cases, the answer is, yes.  But it’s always a good idea to check with the surgeon or primary care doctor, because there may be certain areas you’ll want to avoid, or the specific conditions when it might be best to wait.
Q: When should you avoid post-op massage?

A: Post-op massage should be avoided if the patient has severe and unmedicated bronchial asthma, acute eczema, fever, acute phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, untreated hyperthyroidism, arterial hypotension, acute infections, heart failure, and kidney failure.

Q: How soon after my surgery can one get a post-op lymphatic massage?

A: You can start getting a lymphatic massage as early as 24 hours after surgery, but many people prefer to wait until they can drive themselves to appointments before starting. It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before beginning any post-surgery procedures.

Q: Why do I need post surgery treatment for my liposuction recovery?

A: Liposuction recovery may involve the observation of post-operative indurations or nodules, which is a common occurrence following the procedure. These can be caused by cannular trauma, leading to inflammation and the formation of fluid-filled channels, known as edema. To alleviate this, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be used to facilitate the reuptake of excess fluid into the lymphatic vessels through gentle compressions. Without adequate lymphatic drainage, the inflammatory response may result in fibrosis or the formation of a seroma. To optimize patient outcomes, many plastic surgeons prescribe MLD as an adjunctive therapy in conjunction with liposuction.

Q: Is it too late to begin post-op treatment and massage if it has been a few weeks or months after my surgery?

A: No. The healing process for liposuction or any other cosmetic procedure can take several months. Even if it has been over a month since your procedure, you can still benefit from a lymphatic massage to aid in the recovery process. However, if you are experiencing lumps or hardness for more than six months after your procedure, it is important to contact your doctor to ensure that you haven’t developed fibrosis or a seroma. Liposuction recovery is an important process that should be taken seriously to ensure that no complications arise. Even if it has been some time since your procedure, post-op treatment and massage can still be beneficial in helping the healing process.

Q: What is your recommendation and/or opinion relating to draining the surgical wound site?

A: You should avoid applying any friction or pulling strokes to the surgical site if it is still healing, red, draining, or swollen. Lightly stroking the surrounding area can be soothing, but it is not advisable to physically drain the wound as it can increase the risk of infection and prolong the healing process. Only a trained and knowledgeable RN or doctor should be responsible for draining the wound site. It is important to consult with your doctor before allowing anyone to perform this treatment.

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