How to Find a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist?

May 30, 2023

Choosing a lymphatic massage therapist is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your health and well-being. The right therapist can help you recover from surgery, manage lymphedema, and improve your overall health. However, with so many therapists out there, how do you make the right choice? At Carolina Pintos Therapy, we believe that education, experience, and a patient-centered approach set the best therapists apart. Here’s what to look for when choosing a lymphatic massage therapist.

1. Extensive Education and Training

The first thing to consider when choosing a lymphatic massage therapist is their education and training. Lymphatic massage is a specialized form of therapy that requires a deep understanding of the human body’s lymphatic system. Carolina Pintos, the lead therapist at Carolina Pintos Therapy, is a Physical Therapist with over 17 years of experience in various settings, including hospitals, post-surgical rehabilitation clinics, and medical spa centers. Her unique coursework in post-operative recovery at the University of Bahia in Brazil, which is not commonly found in Physical Therapy programs in the United States, provides her with a valuable credential that is highly sought after in the field.

2. Specialized Techniques

Look for a therapist who uses specialized techniques tailored to optimize treatment outcomes. At Carolina Pintos Therapy, we use techniques informed by Japanese, French, and Brazilian practices to prevent and manage post-surgical complications. These techniques have gained the admiration of many Houston-based surgeons and are exclusively taught and implemented at our clinic.

3. A Patient-Centered Approach

A good lymphatic massage therapist should prioritize the comfort and safety of their patients. They should be dedicated to helping their patients achieve their desired results and offer unique and efficacious treatments. At Carolina Pintos Therapy, we are committed to delivering informed, high-quality therapy services in Houston and prioritizing our patients’ comfort and safety.

4. A Wealth of Experience

Experience is crucial when it comes to lymphatic massage therapy. A therapist with years of experience will have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping individuals heal from a range of illnesses, diseases, and injuries. Carolina Pintos, with her 17 years of experience in the field, has helped numerous individuals seeking treatment for various issues, such as esthetic concerns, post-surgical recovery for both cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures, pre- and post-partum care, cancer rehabilitation, and more.

5. Positive Reviews and Recommendations

Lastly, consider the reviews and recommendations of previous patients. A therapist who is highly recommended by their patients is likely to provide excellent service. Carolina Pintos Therapy is Houston’s most recommended lymphatic, post-op, and pregnancy massage therapy clinic, a testament to our commitment to patient satisfaction.

Choosing a lymphatic massage therapist is an important decision. By considering the therapist’s education, experience, techniques, approach, and reviews, you can find a therapist who will provide the care and support you need. At Carolina Pintos Therapy, we strive to embody these qualities and provide our patients with the best possible care.


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Written by Carolina Pintos

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