Carolina Pintos is Committed to Providing High-Quality Lymphatic Massage Treatments for Houston Patients

April 12, 2022

Carolina Pintos Therapy is innovating Houston’s postoperative lymphatic massage scene and earning the respect of medical professionals and patients for her team’s professionalism and quality of service.

Carolina Pintos Therapy has worked with thousands of patients for esthetics, post-surgery recovery massage therapy (cosmetic and otherwise), pre- and post-pregnancy treatments, cancer rehabilitation, and more. Her team of therapists continuously receives praise from doctors and patients for their high level of skill and expertise, garnering support and recommendations from over 15 plastic surgeons across Houston in less than three years. This success has gained widespread attention beyond Houston, with clients traveling from all over the United States to receive treatments.

With over 15 years of experience working in medical facilities as a Senior Lead Physical Therapist and an extensive background in medicine, anatomy, and physiology, Carolina has developed a successful protocol for preventing and treating fibrosis. Due to its application in highly complicated cases, her unique protocol has earned the respect and recognition of many Houston-area surgeons. These specialized techniques—many of which are derived from Japanese, French, and Brazilian practices—are taught and implemented exclusively at Carolina Pintos Therapy.

Through her years of experience working in medical facilities and extensive knowledge of physical therapy, Carolina recognizes the importance of using state-of-the-art certified medical equipment in her therapeutic procedures and ensuring all staff is appropriately licensed and trained. She also understands that lymphatic massage is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, so she customizes every treatment to fit the patient’s individual needs. Carolina personally oversees her staff of extensively trained, licensed massage therapists to ensure her specified treatment plans are properly conducted, adjusting treatments accordingly if needed.

After seeing outstanding results over the years, Carolina Pintos Therapy aims to grow and expand its practice to bring quality service to those seeking lymphatic massage, postoperative, and esthetic treatments. As her business continues to expand, Carolina Pintos remains committed to providing high-quality, informed therapy service in Houston and putting the comfort and safety of her patients first.


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Written by Carolina Pintos

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